Writing Readiness Training Program

Who Requires Writing Readiness Training

Writing Readiness Training is given who has the following difficulties
  • Illegible Writing
  • Copying from the board
  • Letter Confusion, Letter Formation
  • Not following necessary writing stage (i.e.) Prewriting and writing
  • In writing within given space
  • Organizing ideas, page
  • Proper holding pencil / pen / coloring
  • Inefficient / Limited speed in writing
  • Frequently need of verbal cues and sub vocalizing
  • Limited time management
  • Difficulty in comprehending printed materials
  • Poor vocabulary
  • Trouble in reading what is written
  • Difficulty with word sounds,spelling and meaning
  • Difficulty with word sounds,spelling and meaning
  • Awkward phrasing and unconventional grammar
  • Difficult with sentence structure and word order
  • Unfinished words / letters, omitted words
  • Poor spatial intelligence
  • Slow implement of verbal directions which involve sequencing and planning

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