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About Speech Therapy

Speech and Language Pathologist, is a health professional with BASLP / MASLP degree, who work and support children and adult speech and language difficulties, eating, drinking, swallowing and communication. Speech and Language Therapist, assess and treat children and adult of any age group and help them to communicate better. They assess and develop personalized plan and intervention methods, to support children and people with difficulties. Speech and Language Therapy aids children and adult to fulfill the needs to bring in a means of effective communication in their natural environment.
Speech Therapy tells about the oral motor issues including the oral structures (teeth, palate, nasal depression, breathing system, lips, tongue), where the child can't produce sounds due to insufficient functions of articulations. Life becomes joyful, meaningful and purposeful only when we speak and communicate our needs and wishes. If there is a hindrance in the speech and language developmental area / communication area then we should go the Speech and Language Pathologist (SLP) (i.e.,) Speech Therapist.
Activities in Speech Therapy includes making arts and crafts, participating in symbolic play, completing speech drills, Understanding and identifying labeling, discriminating and using objects / pictures, reading, writing, or playing games. Our Speech Therapy Activities are fun and motivating so that the child is able to take what they learn and utilize it outside of the therapeutic setting.
Initially, an extensive speech and language evaluation will be completed which focuses on five areas of communications: Voice, Articulation, Fluency, Oral Motor and Language skills. A language sample is also obtained to analyze the ability of the child to communicate in a natural setting (i.e. during play, conversation, etc).

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