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Special Education And Remedial Training

Our Speech Therapy Activities are fun and motivating so that the child is able to take what they learn and utilize it outside of the therapeutic settings. Special Education programs are intended for those students who are mentally, physically, socially as well as sincerely postponed.
This part of "delay," extensively arranged as a developmental postpone, imply a part of the kid's general improvement (physical, intellectual, scholastic skills) which put them behind their companions. Because of these special requirements, students needs can't be met inside the customary classroom condition. Special Education programs and administrations adjust content, showing philosophy and conveyance guideline to meet the fitting needs of every kid.
Yuvakrishna Development Hub helps as an effective remediation / intervention program for students in grades 1 -5. We will exactly identify kids strengths and weaknesses and provide targeted handling of prerequisite skills. Through personalized instruction, Yuvakrishna development hub fills in any knowledge gaps, while enabling immediate success in learning new material. We periodically reassess students to ensure they retain the prerequisite skills necessary for success in their current grade and beyond.
Aim of Individualized Education Plan (IEP)

  • Academic support to kids who lag far behind when compared to their academic school performance.
  • Adjust school educational programs and teaching methods, medicinal instructor give learning exercises and practical encounters to kids as per their capacities and necessities.
  • Create individualized educational programme with intensive remedial support to help kids combine their basic knowledge in different subjects, master the learning methods, boost their confidence and improve the effectiveness of learning.
  • During teaching process, educator should provide organized training to develop kids lacking academic skills, including problem-solving, self-management, self-learning, independent thinking and creativity.
Handwriting Training

  • Handwriting Training can be deficient either in legibility or in terms of speed.
  • The factors that determine legibility are letter formation, spacing, size, slant, horizontal alignment and general appearance.
  • Our Pediatric Occupational Therapist identifies clinical reasoning for your child handwriting difficulties in terms of legibility and speed by using standardized.
  • Non-standardized assessment procedures.
Motor System(IEP)

  • They exhibit features like frequent complaint of pain in forearm or hand, maintain clumsy/stopped posture .
  • While writing, slowness in handwriting, poor letter alignment, letter formation etc. Muscle tone.
  • Proximal stability, co- contraction, and muscle strength in small muscles of hand.
  • In-hand manipulation skills and eye-hand coordination skills are important factors.
  • Which influence your children handwriting legibility and speed while copying.
Cognitive-Perceptual Skills

  • Cognitive perceptual training is used to improve children cognitive.
  • Skills and perceptual skills .
  • Spatial orientation, visual discrimination, figure ground perception, depth perception, colour perception.
  • Size and shape perception, body scheme, right left discrimination, praxis.
  • Memory, organization skills, attention,concentration, decision making skills and problem solving skills.
  • Perceptual training.

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