Reading Training Program

Reading Training Program

Systematic Reading Training is given who has the
following difficulties

  • In reading graded text
  • In reading general story book
  • In reading print materials
  • Reads word by word / letter by letter
  • Letter confusion
  • Limited speed in reading
  • Difficulty in decoding language / print material
  • Difficulty in comprehending printed text
Related and Co-existing problems with reading,
difficulties can also included

  • Attention Problems
  • Anxiety
  • Task Avoidance
  • Weak Impulse Control
  • Distractibility
  • Problems with comprehension of spoken language
  • Confusion in letter formation, sentence structure
  • Vocabulary weakness
  • Sounding out words
  • Mixture of all the above
  • Lack interest in reading / in academics
  • Special Education for basic readiness training for children aged 4 ½ & above

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