Areas of Concern / Diagnosis

Conditions / Diagnosis Treated

Pervasive Developmental Disorder+
Developmental Delay+
Mental Retardation+
Cerebral Palsy+
Down Syndrome+
Asperger syndrome+
Speech and Language Disorder+
Sensory Processing Disorder+
Muscular Dystrophy+
Myopathi And Neuropathy+
Learning Difficulties / Dyslexia+
Co-ordination Disorder+
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder+
Childhood Disintegrative Disorder+
Auditory Processing Disorder+
Visual Processing Disorder+
Seizure / Epileptic Disorder+
Memory Disorder+
Activities of Daily Living (ADL)+
Executive Functioning Disorder+
Hemiplegia / Stroke+
Tic Disorder / Tourette Syndrome+
Postural Disorder+
Psychiatric Conditions+
Traumatic Brain Injury+
Spinal Cord Injuries+
Myopathies and Neurological Conditions+
Parkinson’s Disease+
Alzheimer’s Disease+

Areas Concerned

Delayed Milestone Development
Sensory Issues
Sensory Processing Difficulties
Social Play Skills Difficulties
Bed Wetting
Fine Motor
Gross Motor
Eating / Chewing Food Issues
Hand Writing Issues
Manipulation Difficulties
Communication Difficulties
Socialization Difficulties
Behavior Issues
Balance And Co-ordination Difficulties
Bilateral Co-ordination Difficulties
Endurance Difficulties
Attention And Concentration Difficulties
Planning And Organizing Difficulties
Memory Lacking
Activities of Daily Living (ADL)

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