Mathematics / Calculation Training Program

We Perform

This program is given to children who has difficulties in any of the following area:

  • Poor shapes concepts
  • Difficulties in understanding numbers and number concepts
  • Trouble in counting
  • Has difficulty in reading numbers immediately
  • Has computation difficulties
  • Has difficulty in following multiple steps required for problems
  • Number transposition / reversal / omission / substitution
  • Difficulty in understanding days, weeks, months, season, quarters etc.,
  • Shows difficult to understand concepts (Place value, quantity, number lines, negative values, carrying and borrowing
  • Taking more time to solve problems
  • Challenging to make change and handling money
  • Exhibits difficulty in organizing problems on the page, keeping numbers lined up, following long division and multiplication
  • Difficult to understand mathematics language
  • Difficult in understanding values to zero
  • Making difficult to understand and memorize tables
  • Cannot to mental math
  • Difficult to follow direction
  • Experiences anxiety during math tasks

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