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Physiotherapy Clinic helps children to improve their motor development, posture, strength, balance and coordination. The capacity to use the body instills a confidence in the mind of the child to acquire further skills at ease. This is ensured by a combination of home activities and active Physiotherapy Centers in Chennai. Functional assessment for the motor functions and grading of limitations at entry and different levels are made to ensure improvement. We use hydrotherapy as a support to the regular physiotherapy. Motor re- education for the paralytic patients- stroke, is also done here. Our Best Physiotherapists in Chennai are well qualified and experienced in this field with considerable years of experience. Our physio rooms also have the most modern equipment's to help the patients outgrow their limitations. Physiotherapy Treatment(PT) helps with the development, rehabilitation, and improvement of movement skills and performance. Physiotherapists in Chennai may work on gross motor skills such as sitting, standing, and walking, as well as improvement in flexibility, strength, and endurance.


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