Occupational Therapy

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Occupational Therapy plays a key role to encourage clients overall development and performance to make an individual more independent by transforming their inability to ability to keep them occupied in this world. Occupational Therapy for Children is the utilization of determined activity to increase the freedom of a child who is constrained by physical damage or illness, neurological or subjective debilitation, a developmental or learning disability, or tangible joining brokenness. Our Occupational Therapist are rehabilitation therapist who professionally assess your child/adult difficulties and work with them to reconstruct their delays/inabilities during the developmental process. Pediatric Occupational Therapy uses play, which is a child's natural occupation, to improve foundation skills and independence so that children can participate in daily life activities at home, school, and in the community. Fun and functional exercises are fused into the treatment sessions to stimulate the kid to take an interest in exercises that can boost more exact adaptive reactions and enhance the kid's abilities. Purposeful and meaningful activities will be given by our therapist during the therapeutic process will construct/restore /track, child or adult people functioning level to prevent the disability. Our Occupational Therapy Clinics will facilitate participation in social life of a child/an adult.






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