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ADL Training in Chennai

Activities of daily living (ADL) comprise the basic actions that involve caring for one's self and body, including personal care, mobility, and eating. Activities of daily living (ADL's), often termed physical ADL's or basic ADL's, include the fundamental skills typically needed to manage basic physical needs, comprised the following areas: grooming / personal hygiene, dressing, toileting/continence, transferring / ambulating, and eating. Activities of Daily Living skills is one of the child performance areas. It includes self care and Instrumental activities of daily living (IADL). Basic self care task include grooming, bathing, toileting, dressing, feeding, achieving functional mobility and communication. IADL are more complex ADL needed to function independently in home, school, community, and work environments.

Factors influence ADL skills in Children

  • Child characteristics – sensory motor, cognitive and psychosocial performance components.
  • performance context – temporal context (child chronological age, developmental age disability status, place in the life cycle within the family) and environmental context (physical, social and cultural variable in the environment).

ADL training should be tailored to each child based on their abilities and limitation in performance components. Cognitive perceptual training, Behaviour therapy, sensory integration therapy and neuro developmental therapy can be used to facilitate Activities of Daily Living (ADL) skills / self help skills in children.

Activities of Daily Life Training

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