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Candidates should posses,

  1. Occupational Therapy is a clinical therapeutic profession, who treat children and adult with different needs, diagnosis and impairment.

  2. Occupational Therapy for Children is the utilization of determined activity to increase the freedom of a child.

  3. Pediatric Occupational Therapy uses play, which is a child’s natural occupation, to improve foundation skills.

  4. Our Occupational Therapy Treatment will facilitate participation in social life of a child / an adult.

  5. Good communication skills

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1) Speech Therapy tells about motor issues including the oral structures.  
2) SLP , is a health professional with a degree holding BASLP/MASLP, who work and support children.
3) They assess and develop personalized plan and intervention methods.
4 ) Speech Therapy includes making arts and crafts, participating in symbolic play.
5) Speech Therapy will focus on research based strategies for intervention.

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  1. Life skills are a set of cognitive, personal and interpersonal skills for high performance in the industry.

  2. Life Skills Training helps the employees to take the right decisions, solve the problem logically, take care of their relationships and cope with the adverse situations.

  3. It helps people learn the practical aspects to lead a productive life, which can support to create a sense of consistency and equilibrium.

  4. More than a dozens have consistently shown that LST dramatically reduces tobacco, alcohol, and marijuana use, reduces poly-drug use, and decreases use of inhalants, narcotics, and hallucinogens.

  5. Working on multiple initiatives in parallel with direction from the direct manager.

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1) Physiotherapy Clinic helps children to improve their motor development, posture, strength, balance and coordination.

2) The capacity to use the body instills a confidence in the mind of the child to acquire further skills at ease.

3) This is ensured by a combination of home activities and active Physiotherapy Centers in Chennai.

4) Our Best Physiotherapists in Chennai are well qualified and experienced in this field with considerable years of experience.